Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So of course I have to wait two LONG weeks until Summer. Plus the last week of school is also finals so I can't just not go. Waiting for Summer is like waiting for my Dad to get home form work every evening. I remember when I was younger and that was the best thing ever. I was so excited to see that old Toyota pull up in the yard so I could tell my dad about my day. I remember when he didn't pull up in the yard one night. It was for a reason I still wouldn't understand but then again that was seven years ago.My mom tells me it wasn't really anything but it had to be something for him not to come home one night. Anyways back to me complain about how long it's gonna take until Summer arrives. I'm actually kind of scared for it to come because of last summer. Last summer had to be the worst Summer in the history of Summers.

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