Friday, May 3, 2013

May 3, 2013

Today is the day I decide to get into blogging. I was told blogging could basically be anything I wanted it to be like an essay, a newspaper article, or even a journal entry. I decided for this to be like a journal. About my everyday life, and about my feelings. I want everyone to know what its like to me. Well I'm currently in 9th grade and age 14. In about a week my sister is going to graduate which is extremely hard because she is my best friend and understand everything I tell her. Well people believe she might not graduate because she hasn't been turning in her work. I believe differently. I think she will and I'll never give up on her. Well today as me and Catherine were waiting for my mother to get her she showed me a text message, it was form my mother and it said..
"Catherine I'm about to give up on you."
Why would a mother give up on her child for anything. I was furious, my sister was crying. It was a very interesting ride home. I told my mom I knew what my goals in high school were going to be. She said good and that I should do everything I can to reach the goal. I smiled and said I will. She then asked me what it was. First of all I said well at age 17,it is legal for a child to move out so at age 17, I'm leaving. And at age 16 I'm getting my GED and dropping out. She of course hated my goal. So I asked her do you give up on me? She looked at me and finally noticed what i was doing. She apologized to Catherine and when we got home Catherine got in trouble by my dad.
Lesson One for Parents:NEVER give up on your child. Not Ever.

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