Sunday, May 12, 2013

I hate this.

My Uncle Joe is here, standing 7 feet away from me. Why am I so nervous? Because he ruined me. He was one of the reasons I'm like this. Before last Summer he was my best friend, the one person that I told everything to me. Well right before summer He stole from us, and other people. My family trusted him. I trusted him. And for some reason. He is back in my house. Again.   I don't understand why he is right here. After what he done to me. 

I forgive him, after he left me alone, when I needed him most. Now he is becoming best friends with my sister Tiffany. I can here them talking. She is telling him I am the spoiled sister, that I get what I want and that I spend all of my parents money. No. For the past months the only thing I asked my parents for is a bunny  a fucking bunny. Am I spending 1,000 dollars like her? no. So fuck you Tiffany.

I wnat to scream it out. To just let the world know how I feel. But I can't.

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